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Circuit Riders Excel With Nationís Small Systems 


Ninety-three precent of the nations community water supplies serve less than 10,000 population, 91% of the systems below 10,000 populations serve populations of less than 3,300 people.
Size of Community Water Systems by population     Populations of systems under 10,000
It is these systems that the RUS/NRWA Circuit Rider program benefits day in and day out with management, and operational assistance and expertise that would otherwise be unaffordable due to economies of scale and Safe Drinking Water Act standards set for what is affordable for the major metropolitan systems which comprise 7% of the community water supplies in the nation.
 During 2006, Circuit Riders delivered 38,799 types of on-site assistance in management, finance, operations compliance and security.  The data shows that the nations small systems are the primary recipients of the vital program to providing safe drinking water and maintaining the low delinquency rates of the RUS Loan and Grant Portfolio.  The daily data reporting documents that of the 38,799 types of assistance rendered 76% were rendered with systems less than 3,300 population.  Of the 29,568 types of assistance rendered to system less than 3,300 populations, the data also documents that 53% of the assistance rendered was with systems less than 1,000 population.
Assistance Rendered By System Population     

The types assistance rendered are reported in three major assistance categories.   They are governance/management/finance; compliance/security and Operation/Maintenance/treatment.  The Circuit Rider assistance reaches all areas of decision making from the pipe to the board room with 28% of the assistance rendered in governance management and financial operations of the systems; 57% in the proper operation, maintenance and treatment techniques to ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and 15% of the assistance directed toward security and direct compliance issues.
 Types of assistance rendered to rural and small systems in 2006

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