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NRWA and its Affiliates provide over 100,000 hours of training and assistance every year
Interested in in-person training? Contact your state association. Training has been expanded to include
Non-Community Water Systems
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Energy Use Assessment Tool
Sep 25, 2014 2:00 p.m.

Revised Total Coliform Rule
Aug 21, 2014 2:00 p.m.

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Rural Water News Pipeline
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Water Well Asset Management course added
23 Apr 2014
This presentation will review the components of an effective water well condition assessment, list the pro’s and con’s of the most common well rehabilitation technologies and discuss the components of an effective well asset management program.

USDA provides funding opportunities
11 Mar 2013
Water and wastewater facilities are vital to the health, safety and economic success of rural communities.

Low Pressure Sewer Systems course added
3 Mar 2014
LPS systems are gaining growing widespread acceptance in providing a viable and cost-effective alternative for renewal of failed gravity collection sewers and to address problems associated with wet weather events.

Water Quality in Tanks course added
3 Mar 2014
This webinar is designed to give the participant a unique perspective on how this can be accomplished by looking at it from the viewpoint of a tank contractor whether during initial construction or for retrofitting existing tanks.

WaterPro Conference   Water University

WaterPro Conference will be Oct. 6-8, 2014 in Seattle, Washington.

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Water University certification programs are designed to recognize the professional educational achievements of individuals and increase the value of today's water professionals.

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Job Network NRWA Store
The NRWA Job Network helps connect the most skilled professionals in the fields of drinking water, wastewater, source water protection, utility management & engineering to potential employers.
Store Closed for Remodeling
Mobile App    Fleet Program
The NRWA Water Operations App contains suite of functions to aid those in the water and wastewater industry. Including calculators (dose, disinfection & ect.) links and a news feed.

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  The Fleet Program offers special discounts to water associations, water utilities, wastewater utilities and municipalities looking to update or expand their fleet of work vehicles.

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Buyer's Guide   Revolving Loan Fund
The Buyer's Guide is a listing of products, suppliers and manufacturers designed to provide the water industry with one-stop shopping for all their equipment and material needs. Find everything you need, from Aeration to Valves.

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  The Revolving Loan Fund was established to provide financing  for pre-development costs associated with proposed water and wastewater projects,  replacement equipment, small scale extension of services or other small capital projects.

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Rural Water Rally Rural Water Wire
NRWA hosts the Rural Water Rally every year in Washington, D.C. This event includes the Great American Water Taste Test.

Feb. 10-12 , 2014 in Washington, D.C.

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